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How to maintain lips in winter

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(Summary description)Eight lip protection methods in winter

How to maintain lips in winter

(Summary description)Eight lip protection methods in winter

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  • Time of issue:2021-07-29
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Eight lip protection methods in winter
1. Don't keep your mouth shut
It is easy to dry the mouth by closing the lips. Frequent closing of the lips will cause rapid evaporation of lip water, peeling, cracks and other symptoms.
2. Wipe the traces after drinking water
After getting up in the morning, you should drink a glass of water to solve the water shortage of your internal environment, and your lips should be watered immediately. After drinking water each time, gently dip the water stains around the lips with tissue paper, otherwise it will not only lose elegance, but also easily evaporate and take away the moisture from the lips.
Dip the cotton swab in about 30 ℃ water and apply it to the dry peeling area on the lips. Stop for two or three seconds. After the dead skin is softened, roll the cotton swab gently on the lips, and the dead skin will easily peel off. Never tear off the scurf with your hands.
3. Lip nourishing
For any lip shape, pay attention to the nourishing of the lips. If the lips often peel, it means that the lips are in a very dry state. At this time, emergency special care must be taken. For example, apply a lot of lipstick containing soothing skin ingredients before going to bed. Remember to wet the dead skin on the lips with a wet towel first, and then wipe the water dry before applying lipstick.
4. Correct selection of lipstick
A good lip moistening product should have the functions of isolation and repair, as well as certain sun protection functions. Lipstick usually contains some moisturizing ingredients, such as lanolin, mineral oil, vegetable oil, etc. Some ingredients with good moisturizing degree also include keratin, allantoin, lanolin, vitamin a, vitamin e and some natural vegetable oils.
In addition, some ingredients contained in some lipstick, such as aromatic mixture, pigment, and antiseptic benzocaine, are all harmful irritants for susceptible people. Long term use will cause chronic lip damage, such as dryness, scaling, and chaps. Susceptible people should be carefully selected.
5. Master the best time to moisten lips
Is it right to moisturize with lipstick anytime and anywhere? Of course. But if you master the best time, you can get twice the result with half the effort. Some MM apply it when they think of it, and some MM apply it after each meal. But there is an optimal time that you must not miss. Before going to bed at night, apply a thick layer of lip moistening product to keep your lips nourishing all night long. The next day, you will be ready to welcome the tender cherry lips.
6. Lips should also be exfoliated regularly
Regular exfoliation can maximize the effect of lipstick. But be sure to use professional lip exfoliating products! Because the particles of facial exfoliation products are large, they are not suitable for lip care.
7. Correct bad habits
① Do not tear the skin. If you bite your lips with your teeth, it is very easy to tear the already weak epidermis, which will damage and bleed the capillaries under the epidermis of your lips. If you do not pay attention, it may also cause secondary infection.
② Never lick your lips. Licking lips frequently will destroy the already weak water lipid film on the lip surface. The defense ability and moisturizing and water locking ability of the lips will be reduced, and the water loss will be accelerated, further increasing the frequency of licking and starting a vicious circle.
③ Do not use inappropriate cosmetics. Improper use of lip makeup products, fluoride toothpaste, etc. will cause contact cheilitis. Therefore, lip care in autumn is very important. You should pay attention to selecting lip care products with moisturizing, lipid supplement, water and lipid film repair and other effects.
8. Multi sports, refusing to dim lip color
Usually, people with bad looks will also have dark lips. Doing more exercise can speed up blood circulation, improve complexion, and moisturize lips, which will have luster and good color.
In addition, we should eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and E to supplement the nutrition needed by the skin and moisturize the skin from the inside of the body.


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